Financial English

These courses are ideal for accountants, financial specialists and auditors who work with foreign companies or are going to take any of the following international programs (ACCA, CIMA, CFA, CIA) in English.
About courses
The programs were designed by teachers of Vocational training center STEK on the basis of ACCA Qualification materials, ACCA past papers, business and financial articles, corporate financial statements and reports. Course materials include 80% of professional vocabulary from ACCA and CIMA Qualifications.
Learning objectives
  • Acquiring excellent knowledge of accounting and financial vocabulary
  • Ability to understand and prepare different types of financial documents, report and business letters
  • Ability to apply professional vocabulary in a wide range of situations
  • Ability to take any professional study program in English
Why STEK Vocational Training Center?
Communicative approach, intensive training
Learning platform
Online study Lab with interactive materials. Online tutor support between classes
Teachers with a degree in both english language teaching and finance
More than 12 years of experience of teaching Financial English
Studying process
Online lessons with a tutor
where students practice vocabulary, speech patterns and grammar structures in dialogues, discussions, presentations. There are 8-9 students per group.
Interactive online exercises together with writing and listening assignments to practice grammar, vocabulary, listening and writing. Progress tests.
Tutor feedback on writing works
Vocabulary and grammar tests at the end of each section.
Final test
At the end of any course students have to pass a final test. Students are required to explain professional terms, express their ideas about situations, fill in gaps with suitable words and phrases.

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